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DIY Bina Brianca Wrap Tutorials - my most pinned post on any of my blogs
*I posted this on my other blog a long time ago but this post has updated tutorial information and better photos. I’m posting the updated version on my Holiday Blog because this would make a great gift with the Bina Brianca PDF Manual printed out. If you don’t want to DIY you can buy from Bina Brianca, made out of 100% Modal Jersey, for $42.50 here.
DIY Two Tutorials for the Bina Brianca Wrap. Have you see this? It can be worn as a scarf, cardigan, poncho, blouse, shrug, stole, turtleneck, shoulder scarf, back wrap, tunic and headscarf. You can download the PDF “how-to” manual for all these styles from Bina Brianca here. 
Top Photo Collage: Bina Brianca here
Middle Photo: Bina Brianca Wrap screen shots from the video here
Bottom Photos:DIY Bina Brianca Wrap Tutorial by Organized Living Solutions here. Another DEAD BLOG. You can go here and translate the Portuguese into English:
Not pictured: Original tutorial for the wrap at The Fine Craft Guild here and anupdate on the pattern from Fine Craft Guild here. *She also added patterns for one with snaps and a NO SEW pattern. 

DIY Scarf Kimono Tutorial from Dat Zit Wel Snor. Easiest and best explained tutorial I’ve seen for this summer staple - the scarf kimono.
Mini Kimono Roundup here.

DIY Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial from 2nd Funniest Thing for Katia. For lots more PET DIYs from water bowls to mud mittens to cat houses go here:

How to pack a travel capsule

DIY Glue and Food Coloring Suncatcher Tutorial from Babble Dabble do. This is a 5 minute craft (except for drying time) made from recycled plastic lids.


Contouring is an art.

Samie is so beautiful

DIY Glue Gun Elvish Crown and Ears Tutorial from Sandra Holmbom. This is a very short tutorial where Sandra Holmbom explains how she achieved this look. For the scariest Halloween Makeup EVER by Sandra Hombom go here (81,000 notes). For more of Sandra Holmbom’s amazing FX makeup go here:  


Chloe Marshall for Fashion To Figure
36C bust, 30 inch waist, 45 inch hips

Colette Geo Print Dress
Mademoiselle V-Neck Dress
Jenna High-Low Crochet Back Dress
Ella Black and White Colorblock Dress
Forward Petal Cutout Dress
at Fashion To Figure (via curveappeal affiliates)


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