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Chloe Marshall for Fashion To Figure
36C bust, 30 inch waist, 45 inch hips

Colette Geo Print Dress
Mademoiselle V-Neck Dress
Jenna High-Low Crochet Back Dress
Ella Black and White Colorblock Dress
Forward Petal Cutout Dress
at Fashion To Figure (via curveappeal affiliates)


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DIY Star Tutorials from from my Tumblr Kids’ Craft Blog


Roundup of DIY Knit, Crochet and Plush Hobbes from the Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip. The creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, never licensed any of his characters for anything - so there are no mugs, no stuffed characters etc… All these patterns are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Do not sell items made from these patterns or the patterns themselves.
Crochet Pattern for Hobbes by sukigirl here.
Crochet Pattern for Hobbes by sukigirl and miahandcrafter here.
Knit Pattern for Hobbes by seesarahknit on sukigirl here.
Fleece Hobbes Tutorial and Pattern from seamster on Instructables here. 

truebluemeandyou: Guide to Dress Necklines. I added links to other really popular guides. I’ve been getting messages from writers who are finding these guides really useful.

DIY Guide to Dress Necklines from Paper Blog here. For other popular guides go here:
The Ultimate Bag Fashion Vocabulary. 
Know Your Dress Vocabulary.
Fashion Pattern Vocabulary Part 1 Infographic.
Fashion Pattern Vocabulary Part 2 Infographic. 
Know Your Sunglasses Infographic. 
Know Your Shoes Part 1 Infographic. Lobster Claws anyone?
Know Your Shoes Part 2 Infographic.
Guide to Necklace Types and Lengths from Design Thrift.
Necklaces for Different Necklines Created by Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style.
The Shoes Appreciation Society Infographic from Etsy by Niege Borges here. 




I know I’ve reblogged this before, but I still do 100 a day, and I still get some pretty awesome compliments on my butt, so they work wonders!  Find a way to get them in your routines, and you’ll love what you see!
Also helps for the back!

Maybe I should start doing these!

Fitness and health blog!

i know i say this every time this shows up but i just really want her shoes

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15 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks!


I don’t think I can pull off the cleopatra look.. but nice tips though. 

What’s the cleopatra look??? 

great tips, so many different variations! 

(via psych-facts)